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An independent high school in Claremont, Cape Town

Statement of Faith

Heritage College is an independent school run on Christian principles. Our policies, procedures and decisions are based on the teachings of Jesus and the grace and compassion implied in them. We acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ and his redemptive work on the cross. We recognise the role of the church and the family as the primary spiritual influences in the lives of young people. We are committed to respecting those roles, while upholding an ethos that is tolerant of the individual but does not compromise our integrity as believers.

We acknowledge that:

  • Acceptance at the College is not automatic; selection follows an interview.
  • Attendance at the College is a choice.
  • Not all families that choose to send their children to the school are necessarily Christians, but they accept and respect our ethos and undertake to uphold it.
  • Believers are at different places in their spiritual journey.
  • That transformation takes time.

We commit to:

  • Having daily devotions during the register periods.
  • To exposing students to the gospel at assemblies and registration periods.
  • Compulsory attendance at both registration and assembly.
  • Attempting to live out our personal convictions, as the “only Bible many of these young people will read is US.”
While we will make every attempt to be tolerant, respectful and understanding of the beliefs of others, we do exercise the right to freedom of religious expression. We do not make concessions for the practices and dietary requirements expected by other religious groups.