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An independent high school in Claremont, Cape Town

About Us

Heritage College is a place to unlock your child’s full potential. It was started in 1998 by a group of parents who wanted a school that not only provided academic support, but also an opportunity to develop healthy relationships between students and their parents and tutors. Based on Christian principles, the College would undertake to meet the spiritual needs of the students, preparing them to function as responsible members of society. The individuality of each student would be recognized and the freedom to express that identity encouraged.
We are committed to keeping the classes small and we recognize the importance of relationships as a foundation for the learning process. We strive to inculcate a strong work ethic and maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect and discipline. Although the atmosphere is informal, it is not permissive. There are clear boundaries that are enforced with love and compassion.
Heritage College students are drawn from a variety of social and ethnic backgrounds and from all over the peninsula. There is one class per grade, from Grades 8 – 12. The curriculum followed conforms to the National Curriculum Statement (NCS) as set out by the Western Cape Education Department. Our Matriculants write the National Senior Certificate Examination.
The College is registered with the WCED and has full accreditation from UMALUSI, the authorized accreditation body appointed by the Department of Education.
We believe our strengths lie in the following areas:
  • We have a committed, qualified staff who are prepared to offer open lines of communication and encouragement as well as be held accountable to their colleagues.
  • We seek to uphold Godly ideals and principles.
  • Small classes allow for flexibility, creativity and the opportunity to provide quality education as well as to develop close relationships.
  • Our independent status allows us to maximize the freedom we enjoy.
  • Competent administrative support.
  • Central location.
  • Appropriate facilities.